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UK Leader in Tool Steels

Our vast experience in this market stretches back decades and helps us lead the way in the UK. Tool steels are notable for their hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation. They can retain a cutting edge at very high temperatures which is why they are often used in the shaping of other materials through cutting, pressing, coining or extruding. Their resistance to abrasion lends to their use in the production of injection molds.

Groups of Tool Steel

Tool steels are categorized in six groups. The choice of group depends on factors of strength toughness, surface hardness, shock resistance, working temperature, and cost. The six groups are:

  • Water-hardening
  • Cold-work
  • Shock-resisting
  • High-speed
  • Hot-work
  • Special purpose.

How is Tool Steel Made?

The manufacture of tool steels takes place under carefully controlled conditions to produce the required quality. Tool steel has a carbon content of between 0.5% and 1.5%. The manufacturing process introduces alloying elements that form carbides, commonly tungsten, chromium, vanadium and molybdenum

Voted No.1 for Flat Stock

Proud to be voted No.1 by our clients for price and service. Our ground flat stock are a high quality tool steel that has been annealed to allow for greater ductility and workability as well as high hardness levels with minimal movement. We use precision grinding tools to ensure very close tolerances on both width and thickness dimensions, so you can be sure our gauge plate will meet your needs. This product offers great versatility for a wide range of engineering applications.

Best for Value

At SGP we aim to provide all our clients, regardless of size, the most market competitive prices at all times.

Whilst we continue to develop new processes and improve our operational efficiency, we have also recently developed a process that improves our ability to accurately cost materials on a continual basis. Taking account of the latest commodity prices and optimising treatment routes, benefits are passed on to clients.

Through rebates and subsidized charges SGP ensures the value of commodities is returned to clients. In other words, we are aiming to provide accurate prices for everything, taking account of material type, volume, content and profile. We will always offer best value.